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Pearls are June birthstone ..... shop for pearl jewelry ....

birthstone June birthstone pearl pearl earrings pearl jewelry single pearl

pearl jewelry

There is a saying diamonds are forever , but I rather use it  for pearls .... 

so although they are always relevant there is no better opportunity to celebrate their existence than June ! Pearls Birthstone month.

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Turquoise jewelry - my birthstone jewelry

birthstone birthstone jewelry Turquoise charm Turquoise jewelry Turquoise necklace Turquoise pendant Turquoise wire crochet wire crochet necklace yoola

turquoise necklaces

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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7 wire work techniques you MUST get to know !

Introducing my wire crochet workshop participants with other wire work techniques, that are different...

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