Things You Must Know on How to Crochet Earring

February 09, 2020

Things You Must Know on How to Crochet Earring

At the beginning of the 21st Century, Crochet experienced a new revival both in manufacturing-creating thousands of décor, and fashion items. It has been used to design new patterns and applications, rediscover designs of old personal garments, hand-made decor items, and showcase artworks. Crochet designs are continuously evolving. This means that the market for them is also expanding, and learning how to do them yourself would be a worthy cause.

Earrings are generally easy to accessorize. They are accessible in a myriad of styles, shapes, and sizes, and can be made from nearly every imaginable material. Crochet earrings are amazing; they cascade down the sides of the face, framing the face beautifully while highlighting the neck.

Different Face Shapes, Different Crochet Earrings

Many people have their ears pierced because:

  • They can't find earrings with unpierced fittings
  • They find clip or screw fittings uncomfortable
  • They find pierced earrings more secure.
  • They prefer the way it looks.

The shape of the earrings can do wonders to a woman's face. It can make a woman look better through optical illusions; for instance, flat features would look sharper with any crochet angular earrings, this is because of the sharp lines of the earrings. Wearing long earrings that emphasize a vertical line also makes a woman with a round face look slimmer.

With that said, long rectangle crochet earrings and dangling earrings can be adjusted to make your face look slimmer too. Round crochet earrings, on the other hand, will do wonders to an angular face by making it look softer. Oval and circles combined into the earring design also give the features of a softer look.

Crochet Earrings Patterns

Earrings are undoubtedly the most preferred accessories among girls, and a variety of crochet wire earrings can be created to suit each individual. Some of the popular patterns earrings include baby Blue Crochet Earrings, Peacock pod hoop Earrings, Cube Red Crochet Danglers, Beaded Crochet Earrings, and many more.

Creating crochet earrings does not require lots of money or time to end up with magnificent pieces. It only encompasses a variety of techniques that utilize a hook and loop stitches. However, you first have to acquire the skills of designing crochet patterns; after that, you will be able to design your crochet earrings by making good use of the many ideas presented to you on the internet or magazines.

How to crochet earrings

To create stunning crochet earrings, you will require the right tools, some time, and patience. These tools include:

  • Pair of Pliers
  • 28 gauge soft wire
  • 14 glass beads
  • One millimeter crochet hook
  • Pair of scissors
  • French hooks

***note, these are instructions for classic crochet technique and not ISK, for ISK wire crochet patterns check out patterns section !

Once you have all the tools needed, you can start the journey to creating magnificent pieces. First, take the soft wire and thread seven beads on it. Once you've threaded the beads, tie the knot in your wire and make sure you secure it on your crochet hook.  Ensure you have a three or four inches tail at the end. Then crochet chain seven and add a bead to every chain. Hold the bead snug with your left hand and wrap the hook and pull it tight. After you have your chain seven each with one bead, adjust them so that they are all facing out and do a slip stitch into your first stitch to create a ring. Then chain 11 while keeping your stitch uniformed by pulling it all the way through to the widest point of the crochet hook.

After that, come back down and slip stitch into the same spot you slip stitched to make a chain seven ring. Then fasten it off by pulling it through tightly. Grab the beginning and the end tail and wrap them around at the base of either one of the chains. To make it look nice and uniform, wrap it a few times, then use scissors and cut the tall close to the edge. Take the French hook and use the pliers to up the hook at the bottom, then slide your ring down then pinch it closed. That's it; you've finished your first earring; now you can move on do the second pair, always make two pairs one after the other or you may be left with just ne or they will not be similar. 

Unique Handmade Crochet Earrings

Handmade crochet earrings can be produced in various colors, materials, and designs to make them stand out. You can create crochet earrings in the shape of a drop, flowers, bows, or other creative shapes that are really attractive. You can also use different items that are used for embellishments if you want to make your earrings catchier. These include pearls, colorful stones, crystals, beads, and other items that are usually used for decoration.

Crochet hoop earrings pattern

Hoop earrings look chic, trendy, and are the best accessories for summer. Crochet hoop earrings patterns are made using heavier wire as a stern. They are then dressed with wire crochet thin tube or a knitted bubble pod. You can try making them in different free patterns such as the cool hoop earrings, pick your color hoops, sparkle hoop earrings, and many more. Your imagination is the limit.

How to Make Crochet earrings stiff

If you crochet with wire there is no need for that, the wire crochet is stiff enough, if you use cotton or another soft yarn, use a Fabric Stiffener. This product works like white glue and dries clear. It takes about 24 hours or 12 hours overnight. First, pour the Fabric Stiffener in a bowl and dip your crochet in it. Make sure you thoroughly coat it, then take a plastic bag and lay it out. You can also use a hook pin to hold it in shape and leave it to dry.

Crochet Earrings for Sale

Who doesn't wish that they had a little extra money lying around? Whether it's to save for the future or be able to buy something that you've always wanted, sometimes it can be great to have that little extra money, especially if you don't have to get a second job to do so. It's especially great if you can learn some skills quickly and start earning from them right away! 

Make Something. If you have already mastered the art of knitting or crocheting, then you can make pretty wire crochet jewelry that others are always interested in. If you are creative enough, you could create unique crochet earrings and consider selling them in local fairs, on eBay or Etsy to make some extra money.

Crochet has been around for years, and it's becoming increasingly popular once again. No longer is crocheting the domain of blankets, scarves, or hats; they are now available in beautiful jewelry too. You could learn to make your own crochet earrings and add them to your jewelry collection or sell them for some income. Whatever you decide, now you know that making them isn’t very hard; you only need the right tools, a bit of practice following the steps above, and you are good to go!

& if you are ready to top it all with a really NEW wier crochet technique check the “Where do I start “ page on the main menu be ready to get hooked on the ISK wire crochet technique!  Give it a try.



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