Tips for Wire Crochet Art

January 01, 2020

Tips for Wire Crochet Art

Have you ever tried making art that is made up of wire? How does it feel? How does it look like? Some of you are fond of making some crafts out of the simple wires they see in their cabinets. For some information, we adopted wire art from the Egyptians way back to 3000 BC. It is stated that Egyptians are a great creator of pieces of jewelry, as well as sculptures. We all know that wires are a forgiving and lovely material that anyone of us can work with.

Varying upon the thickness or some people called s “gauge” of the wire you are using, it might give you difficulties or easiness in shaping it. You can weave, coil, braid, wrap, twist, or even crochet the wires. If you are looking for tips for wire crochet art, then you are in the right place. In this post, I am going to give you some tips on making an art out of wires. So, if you want to know more about it, let’s get started.

Find an Interesting Picture

The first tip that you should know is finding an exciting picture will help you to start your wire crochet art. When you have your wire crochet toolsthe next thing that you should have is your inspiration or motivation to do the project. Consider looking for an inspiring picture that has recognizable forms, such as line drawings and silhouettes. These places are the best point that you can start with.

If you want to learn to crochet but don’t have enough knowledge about crocheting, you might consider using the Yooladesign Kit. The kit comes with a different wire crochet kit that you will need to begin your project. One of the best things that are included in the crochet kit is this Premium craft Wire. This wire is soft and has an excellent color, which makes it a beautiful wire that you can use for your crocheting projects.

Yoola stated that she uses her YoolaKnitter, which is a very comfortable type of knitter that you can use for knitting. Aside from saving your time, more effort is not needed when the YoolaKnitter is in your hands. This knitter is very easy to use and convenient. It will not be a problem for you to understand  how to use it since Yoola Design will provide you with the best video tutorials, as well as the very detailed PDF instructions.

Get into the Mood

I think this is the best thing that you should do when you are planning to do some crochet projects. You might consider listening to music and get some drinks. These things will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable while doing your work. Also, ensure that the lighting is good since wire crochet wires tend to challenge your eyesight.

When we are talking about getting into the mood, there is nothing for you to worry since the video tutorials of Yoola design has a calming and relaxing pace, which will make you feel more comfortable as you start your project. Purchasing the jewelry tools, as well as the crochet kit, will enable you to have a great result in your crochet project. Thankfully, the supply kit of Yoola Design comes up with all the things that you will need for your crocheting projects.

Yoola makes use of a crochet hook that is sturdy enough to hold crochet wires. She also utilizes her YoolaPlate in making some crochet necklaces and crochet earringsUpon purchasing the DIY kits, you will be presented with free PDF instructional guides and video tutorials to help you learn how to crochet. This kit is very budget-friendly, which can be purchased for only 42 US Dollars.

Gauge Your Wire

Gauge is the measurement of the thickness and the thinness of a wire you will use for your crochet project. If you are going to make dangle earrings or even a cuff braceletyou will need to have a thin wire, since it is easier for you to shape it. 26-30 gauges wires are the best to work with when crocheting.

But, there is nothing for you to worry about bending and shaping your crochet wires. It is because upon watching Yoola’s video tutorial, you will know the tips and tricks on how to develop the wires quickly and conveniently. When it comes to making gemstone jewelry that is made of crochet wires, you might find it hard at first. But since YoolaDesign Kit comes up with the crochet patternsit would be easier for you to make jewelry you desire.

Let Your Hands Do Its Work

If you are already in the right mood in doing your crochet project, your hands tend to have their own life working on your project. Your hands will braid, loop, and twist the wire, which will later you will realize that you already have created a form. When crocheting, all you need to do is to enjoy it.

Tools Used for Wire Crocheting

Wires – an essential material that you should have to start your crocheting project is wire. When it comes to the type of wire, Yoola uses a soft wire. This looks like a regular wire and helps you shape it easily. In terms of the wire gauge, she usually prefers wires that have 28 gauge or more.

Crochet Hook – Yoola Design sells a crochet hook that is sturdy and will not be worn out easily. Using a high-quality and sturdy hook will help you manipulate the wires successfully. When you purchase the crochet hook of Yoola Design, you will not regret a thing.

Customer’s Feedback

“Yoolas supply kit and wire crochet are great. I love mine. It makes beautiful jewelry everyone must give it a try, and she has great customer support as well” – Miranda White

“I am delighted working with the kit. It is fun, and I can do beautiful projects.” – Gloria Debeljuk



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