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5 Last minute mother's day gift ideas

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5 unique last minute gift ideas

last minute gifts are my middle name, I'm afraid not one of those that plan ahead...

even our wedding was planned a month ahead at the most .... and no , I'm not kidding  ...

Maybe it's because I like improvising ? I really don't know.

but if you are that sort of person too and still want to surprise your mom with a unique gift , I have 5 ideas  just for you !


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NEW and improved jewelry making Kit combinations

Crochet with wire hobby how to crochet with wire jewelry making kit learn jewelry making learn wire crochet wire crochet Yoola

Jewelry making kits- wire crochet kits ny Yooladesing

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What is the difference between Classic wire crochet VS ISK wire crochet

Crochet with wire DIY how to crochet with wire wire crochet Wire Crochet Design Wire Crochet jewelry

Wire crochet spool knitting

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Crochet with wire – Products of the day

crochet jewelry school Crochet with wire learn to wire crochet jewelry pod beads wire crochet

We are having a colorful week in the studio ! I just finished crocheting wire beads in ALL the colors we have in stock , and the tray looks so yummy that it’s hard to let them go. We crocheted the beads to make pod necklaces and pod hoop earrings for Tel Aviv museum of art  gift shop , […]

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pod beads

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Yoola on Lushlee.com

crochet with wire crocheting wire Lushlee Lushlee.com wire crochet article yoola press


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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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