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Crocheted wire jewelry - the basics

crochet gold how to jewelry metal silver tips tricks wire סריגה בחוטי מתכת

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Amethyst, February, Yoola

amethysa bag crochet gem knitting metal onyx potion stone textile turquoise coin yoola yael falk סריגת תכשיטים אבנים

For those of you following my blog for a while and reading about my hesitations weather to work with stones or not, this design will probably come as a surprise, or maybe not?I actually decide to stop wanting to decide... meaning? I decided to explore it when it crosses my life, which it obviously does... from time to time :)so here are the very first birds from a larger collection of crocheted potion bags with a stone.The stones I picked for my very first designs are large pale amethyst, onyx coins in a mat finish and light turquoise coins.I was...

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Crocheted wire jewelry workshop preparations are in full steam

crochet metal wires workshop yael falk yoola חוטי מתכת

My 2 crocheted wire jewelry workshops are starting in a couple of days, the first on Friday and the second on Tuesday the following week. This is a great opportunity for some face lifting to the Studio.My sweet hubby built me a nice large and white wooden table that we will enjoy sitting around, the beaten bookcases got a new white wash, they look so much better !and the best thing is that we got rid of so much junk we accumulated, I'm sure this will improve the Studios Feng shuei energies:)I started preparing kits to accompany thy workshop for...

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Hi, I'm Yael of YoolaDesign !

I just finished editing a short video that introduces me super briefly...

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